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Michelle Ackermann

Michelle Ackermann

Born in South Africa, soccer has always been a part of my life, and was pretty much ingrained in my genes. Journalism is my second love in life, and what better way to combine my two favorite things in life than to write about the one thing I am most passionate about. I follow the New York Red Bulls religiously, but have a deep passion for La Liga. This passion is part of the reason why I have moved to Barcelona to pursue my dream of becoming a sports broadcaster.


McCarty and Tainio Combination May Be the Answer to RBNY’s Woes.

Written by on July 3, 2011 | 4 Comments »
Posted in General, MLS, New York RB, San Jose Earthquakes

It was the match that would be the debut of the newly acquired midfielder Dax Mccarty, and all eyes was certain to be on the youngster and the hopeful positive impact he would have on a team that started strong at the beginning of the season, but has recently seen their chemistry come unraveled. And the pressure was certainly on, as De Rosario made his debut at DC memorable by gaining his first assist, alongside that Thierry Henry was declared sick the night before the match while Rafa Marquez and Luke Rodgers were both still injured.

RBNY was without head coach Hans Backe, who had undergone surgery earlier in the week, which left Jan Halverson in charge. Without De Rosario, the team seemed to return to the basics of the game; better control of the ball, shorter passes and simpler play. Dax , who only had two training sessions with the Red Bulls, was thrown into midfield to play alongside Teemo Tainio. Bouna Coundoul was set to safeguard the goal, Roy Miller, Tim Ream, Carlos Mendes and Jan Gunnar Solli would comprise the back four. Midfield would be Tainio and Mccarty, Joel Lindpere, Dane Richards and Medhi Ballouchy, while Agudelo would be the designated forward.

The first half of the match saw RBNY in complete control, with 62% of the possession. The chemistry between the players was evident; with San Jose barely getting any chances at even touching the ball. Dax seemed to find Lindpere and Ballouchy, while pushing himself forward in all plays. It was one of these plays that would lead to the first goal of the match; Mccarty found Miller who in turn found Lindpere in the 6th minute and the Red Bulls were up a goal at Stanford Stadium in California. This goal would be Lindpere’s 3rd goal of the season.

The following half hour would see both teams anxiously passing the ball back and forth to no avail; however it was once again the goalkeeper for the New York Red Bulls that would lead to a goal for the other team. Kari Stephenson would find the net for San Jose in the 36th minute after Bouna Coundoul dropped the ball. This fumble would raise the question; would the monetary possibilities that have been opened with the Dax trade be used for a goalkeeper?

The second half saw a stronger San Jose side emerge from the locker room; Wondolowski and Stephenson repeatedly attacking the net but it would be the boot of Steven Lenhart that would find the net in the 67th minute, leaving Coundoul absolutely helpless. It would be Lenhart’s 5th goal of the season. The 70th minute saw Stephen Keel come in for Jan Gunnar Solli, who got injured during the match.

In the 83rd minute, the New York Red Bulls would equalize with a ball that was started by Ballouchy and passed to Lindpere, who found the net, yet it was considered an own goal that was slightly deflected off of Bobby Burling.

This tie would place RBNY in 2nd place in the Eastern Conference, merely 2 points behind the Philadelphia Union and one point ahead of 3rd seated Columbus Crew. This week kicks off an intense month for the Red Bulls with two home games against D.C United and Toronto FC, as well as the Open Cup quarterfinal. Fans and teammates alike seem content with Dax and his style of play, one that hopefully aids the Red Bulls in their quest to victory.

4 responses to “McCarty and Tainio Combination May Be the Answer to RBNY’s Woes.”

  1. Gillian says:

    What is it with this team and draws?

  2. Soccerlogical says:

    Backe is neither an intelligent or charming man. He has an embarrassment of riches in all positions that he doesn’t know how to optimally use. Case in point being DeRo coming in for less than a month and leaving!

    I think Backe misses curling up on Sven’s knee and being petted.

  3. BVBFan says:

    Horrible game.
    1. Ref lost control of the game. Inconsistent and overall poor.
    2. Game became what is now a typical MLS game – short tempers and fighting between players. This is something you would see in other countries lower half 2nd division teams or 3rd division teams.
    3. Continuation of MLS teams game style – mostly punt and run. NYRB in 1st half did play a good game with Lindpere being wide open on the left side shredding the Quakes.
    4. MLS game and style (rough and tumble and no fun to watch) has stagnated and gone backwards. Between 1997-2000 finding itself, 2000-2005 made the next leap forward in improving – 2006- 2011 – decline in almost every aspect.

    You can see it in Lenhart, clumsy and very little skill. He is not a 1st division player. BTW, I live in the Bay Area so I’m not a NYRB fan or anti quake fan. MLS has not made the strides to progress to the next level. When comparing to another league of similar age (J League) the play in that league has surpassed MLS by leaps and bounds.

    MLS needs to start over – first get rid of Garber, hire forward thinking out of the box coaches, limit College drafting (college players are not on the same level as same age European or South American players in skill) and get rid of AYSO. In fact soccer in the USA needs a fresh new start at all levels from youth to mid level to lower league (USL & NASL) to 1st division (MLS) and National Team (and that means Refs too). Send potential American coaches oversees to learn the game. Here coaches and “game experts” still live in the 1970’s style and vision. Even the EPL and Bundesliga have changed their style.

    The people that run MLS (Garber + others) have self promoted themselves and the illusion that the league (MLS) and game is top flight soccer. It’s not.

  4. John Bladen says:


    So it’s that easy? Just chuck it all in and start again? How quaint.

    I don’t think anyone in MLS is under any illusions about the level of play it displays. Aside from comments that fall clearly under “marketing”, no-one would put it on par with any of the major European leagues.

    The good news for those of you that hate it and have no time for it, however, is that we live in a 500 channel universe. European football (or South American, if you prefer) is available to you at modest cost.

    MLS is what it is: The highest calibre league in North America. I disagree with your contention that it is worse than it was in 2000. It was unwatchable for much of it’s first 5-8 years, but has improved measurably as full size pitches and better players come in.

    It certainly still has room for improvement, and I’m hoping that increases in the salary cap in future will allow the league to bring in better talent. $2.5M p/a wouldn’t cover some League One payrolls, much less LC or 2.Bundesliga. Until the pay rates go up, it’s unlikely that the talent level will rise appreciably.

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