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Jeremy St Louis

Jeremy St Louis

Jeremy St.Louis has been an Anchor/Reporter on Fox Soccer Report since its inception in 2001. He has covered major events ranging from MLS Cup to the Champions League Final and has interviewed some of the game's biggest names.


Jeremy St Louis Signs-Off From Fox Soccer Report

Written by on February 25, 2011 | 36 Comments »
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Shortly after I handed in my resignation to ‘Fox Soccer Report’, Bobby asked me if I would pen a ‘farewell’ article for the website.  Naturally, I said ‘of course!’ – but then I sat down and started to write and thought: ‘How do I sum up 9-years on FSR into something people will want to read?’

So, I’ve come up with five of my best and not-so-best moments on the show along with some sappy stuff at the end – enjoy.

#5 – The Early Days

To say we were out of our element when we started this show is an understatement – and I give full credit to Bobby for not blowing his top due to our lack of familiarity with the sport when ‘Global Sportslink’ kicked off in September of 2001.

All I remember from those early days was that horrifying ‘jailyard’ set (some of you who’ve watched us from the beginning may remember the chain link fencing), being terrified of getting the sack for not being good enough and the treacherous viewer email which was so unkind – but also gave us a sense of where we needed to be in terms of their expectations.

Oh, there was also the ever changing hairstyles of Michelle Lissel.  The compilation video we made when she left still cracks me up when I think of it (sorry Meesh!).

#4 – The Fly!  The Cough!  Nope, no post!

The two things we’ve been slammed for most over the years is our pronunciation and the sets….Ohh the sets!  Big desks, spaceships, brown & gold and now – the virtual one.

And while it hasn’t always been pretty to look at, you have to admit that it HAS lent itself to a laid back atmosphere on the show….Though that may also be due to some of the personalities we’ve had!

Let me see – I was anchoring with Michelle once, it was a hot summer day, hot in the studio and that studio seemed to attract the odd insect.  So, there I am reading a lead-in and as I breathe in, I also take in one of these rogue flies.

I naturally start to choke – but manage to get through it with the best line I can ever remember uttering: ‘They always said I’d choke on-air’.

Given that we also do the show from Canada – it gets cold here.  Now, many of you may think you know cold, but I’m telling you, you don’t.  We’re talking -40C for a good portion of the winter months, and if you don’t bundle up, you catch a cold – and when one of us gets sick….well, viewers can tell because we have such a small on-air staff that we have no choice but to fight through it and it is audible in our voices – and in the coughing we inevitably go through.

I can remember doing a show with Michelle and she was sick, I mean SICK.  She was sniffling and coughing and barely had a voice.  We had told her to go home but she refused.  So, her and I are doing the show – and she is struggling big time.

We hit the half-way point and I pull the plug on her: ‘You’re done, get out – I’ll do the rest of the show.’  After the commercial break we come back and it is just me the rest of the way.

Then there were countless times when we’ve called for video that wasn’t there or was rolled late.  The one we always joke about is the time when I called for post match comments after some EPL hilites in the 2nd half of the show – not remembering those comments were dropped due to time restraints.

My on-air when something like this:  “And here are some post match remarks from the managers (long pause as they remind me in my ear that it was dropped)…Ok, nope…no post.”

I’m sure viewers of the show have numerous other tales of hilarity…

#3 – Sideline Reporting for MLS – the Jesse Marsch Incident

Of all the embarrassing moments I’ve had in my career, this is top of the list.  I was doing sideline reporting for FSC a few years ago and we are broadcasting the Chicago/Chivas USA MLS game from Toyota Park – a game the Fire won.

My responsibilities include pre-game line-ups/interviews, various in-game hits (aka reports) and then post-match interviews.  The game ends and it is a zoo!  The production truck is talking to me, I’m communicating with the PR people trying to hurry them up and get me some players to talk to and we are LIVE.

Now, most networks have a field producer with you to help coordinate everything – not FSC.  Because the Fire won the game, it takes a little longer to get home players, etc. so I am waiting…and waiting….and waiting.

Finally, up walks Jesse Marsch (wearing a Chivas shirt) so I get him all set and ask him the opening question:

“Jesse, tough loss tonight – give me your thoughts on the game.”

To which Jesse says:  “But…we won.”

To which I say: “Right…”

You see, in all the hustle and bustle, I had forgotten that Jesse Marsch actually plays for Chicago (at that time) and took his wearing a Chivas shirt as his uniform, when in fact he had simply swapped shirts in the traditional football way following the match.

I was MORTIFIED – and to this day I still cannot believe I made such a fundamental error.  I could use the defence it was one of my first assignments in the field but – even THAT doesn’t hold water in my mind.

Wanna see the clip?  It’s on YouTube somewhere.

The ironic part about it – as we all know Marsch eventually went on to play for Chivas….I think he did it to rub it in to me.

God, just writing this story has me embarrassed all over again.

#2 – The 2010 Champions League Final & Michel Platini

If the Marsch story is my low point, being in Spain last spring for the Champions League Final is the high point.  Bigger than the Superbowl and broadcast on the Fox network – this was the biggest thing I have done in my career.

Working alongside Curt Menefee and the crew from BIG Fox (as we call the network guys) was a learning experience – but one I knew I was ready for.

I certainly did not feel out of my element and it was an honour to be part of the first EVER Champions League Final broadcast on network television in North America.

As part of that week, I also was given the chance to interview UEFA President and former France footballing great Michel Platini.

Now, I was nervous when I interviewed David Beckham so you can imagine how I was ahead of this sit down!  But, I covered all the bases and conducted what I think was the best interview I’ve ever done.

My bosses were happy too and used the interview in a trade to acquire some pre-match Mourinho stuff from Sky.  The interview was also given to Sky Italia who aired it – and some of the clips were picked up in UK newspapers.

I knew I’d done a good job when that happened!

And Platini was as nice a gentleman as I’ve met.  Funny, friendly and not afraid to answer – and answer intelligently – some tough questions that I actually was expecting him to dodge.

It was a refreshing change from the usual minutia we see and read about every day in this sport.

And being in the Bernabeu at pitch level for the game – unbelievable!

If you are a fan of this sport, you MUST get to a Champions League Final in your lifetime.

It will be worth every penny spent!

#1 – My co-workers and YOU – our audience

I have had the distinct pleasure of working alongside (and with) some of the best people in this business and sport.  Here at FSR, we are a small staff (ten people total!) so we take what we do very personally and there is a lot of ‘us’ in what you see.

I’d like to give public thanks to Joe Pascucci for giving me the chance to be on this show in 2001 – this whole thing was HIS idea!

Carlos, Mitch, Michelle, Derek, Terri, Bobby, Nabil & Eoin – it was amazing being able to work with and learn from each of you.

Now to you guys – our dedicated audience and followers.  I cannot express my gratitude in words for allowing me into your homes & lives for one hour each day.

We all have busy lives and the fact you have taken time from YOUR life to invest in us is something I have never taken for granted.  I have done my best to address every email (before they cut us off from doing that), every phone call and every comment I have come across.

I have gotten in trouble, suspended and close to fired on more than one occasion for doing so but – I wouldn’t have it any other way.  I believe it is important that you have a voice and feel that you are heard, even if at the end of it we agree to disagree.

After all, we are doing this for you!  So, keep your comments coming, keep urging those in charge to do better and never forget, this is YOUR show, we work for you!

Thank you for watching me work over the past nine years.  It has been my pleasure to be a small part of the sport we all love.

I’ll never say this  is the end of my involvement in football or TV but for now – remember to keep the ball rolling!

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36 responses to “Jeremy St Louis Signs-Off From Fox Soccer Report”

  1. Gbenga says:

    Good luck Jeremy and wishing you the very best. You are going to be missed and hope you come back every now and then to give us exclusives and all… You guys at FSC are great and truly one of the best… Cheers…

  2. Jessica says:

    Jeremy, you will be missed. As the Italians say, “in bocca al lupo” – good luck to you, in whatever’s next!

  3. Justin says:

    The Report won’t be quite the same without you. Good luck to you in whatever you’re doing next!

  4. Eric says:

    Good luck Jeremy been watching you guys since the beginning. Where you headed next?

  5. Theo van Nasarshavregas says:


    Best of luck with that News Director’s gig at the radio station. Too bad it couldn’t be in warmer climes in the winter and less insect infested ones in the summer.

    Thanks also for sharing your Bernabeu experience with us. It truly is one footy’s cathedrals and you must have felt like you were in a modern day Roman Coliseum.

  6. Phil says:

    GL Jeremy! Always enjoyed watching your shows.

  7. refan says:

    Jeremy, all the best to you in the future and thanks for all the good reports, including the comedic ones!
    You are right about the champions league final…..I was at Wembley for the European Cup final in 1978 and 90K Liverpool fans saw Kenny chip the keeper for a 1-0 win……unforgetable and I so want a repeat visit one day with my sons in tow. Have fun tonight and we’ll doubtless see ya sometime…….after all Ms Lissel came back eh?


    All the best in the future.thanks for all the great soccer talk over the safe and good luck with the Red Devils.

  9. It’s been downright enjoyable brother–I hope you stay involved with football on some level.
    -Everyone from The Straight Red Card

  10. Soccerlogical says:

    JSL….. Fare Thee Well.

  11. sucka99 says:

    For all the constraints on the show, it’s still appointment viewing for me. Been watching on and off (off when I didn’t get the channel) since 2003. I remember the old theme song, the Rugby Report with Brownie, and Maximum Soccer all the way to the CL Final last year. For FOX’s sake I wish it could have been another Man Utd vs Barca, but the contract runs 2 more years so we’ll see a good one I hope.

    The show had its ups and downs and diva outbreaks and coughing fits but always managed to right itself, I thought. But losing the JSL/Carlos Machado combination will be a steep hill to climb. I hope DT and Erin are up to the task and can do just as good a sad trombone or the like.

    Wishing the best for JSL in all aspects of life … except that I hope United get relegated. Gotta keep it real! 🙂

  12. Russell Berrisford says:

    Good luck- The FSR was a lifesaver to me, in terms of seeing soccer, when I first moved to Canada- so your work has not been in vain!

  13. Gus Keri says:


    I wish you the best of luck on your next endeavour. You will be greatly missed.

    You were a major element of the most successful and meaningful soccer show in North America.

    When you and the rest of the crew visit us every evening, it is as if a breath of fresh air entered our home to wash away the stresses of our daily life.

    And you, guys, have done it for the last 10 years. We are very thankful.

    I hope you stay in touch through this website.

    Best wishes

  14. Susan says:

    You’re leaving? Damn I hate change and even though you have driven me crazy at times with your unbridled love of United I will miss you on FSR. You and Carlos used to crack me up!

    Good luck in the future (except this Tuesday!)

  15. Dick says:

    I’m really going to miss JSL on Mondays & Fridays. Derek is also good, but none of the others over the years can really hold an intelligent conversation with Bobby. Good Luck, Jeremy

  16. Gilbert says:

    Just want to say how much I’ve enjoyed your work over the years and will miss your presence on the channel. Its been wonderful watching you guys have so much fun, even if there were they occassional hiccups, and I’m sad to see you go. Best of luck in all you do!

  17. Pete says:

    Jeremy…. Life changes and times change but since the the combo of you and C.M. ceased on FSR it has all gone downhill! I rarely watch it anymore….about the only thing worth watching now is B.McM’s occasional insight;I don’t want to disparage the new hosts too much but I will no longer be watching FSR. Best of luck in your new life and will miss the ol’days……Ciao

  18. AntonioSaucedo says:

    Say it ain’t so, Jeremy, say it ain’t so!

  19. anthoney stephens says:

    Seriously, come back. I was so sad that I couldn’t even concentrate on the actual news report. Jeremy, you will be missed.

  20. shmish says:

    Good luck Jeremy. I always appreciated FSR, and the relaxed and more down-to-earth demeanors of the hosts. You guys are the best.


  21. Tim says:

    i never miss the show but we will miss u

  22. Jeremy, it’s been such a pleasure these past 9 years. North American Soccer supporters should all respectfully thank you for the part you played in spreading the gospel of the game on a nightly basis.

    One of the things you brought up on World Football Daily on Thursday really made me think… the amount of time you sacrificed to covering the game was incredible.

    We here at world football daily cannot thank you enough and we wish you the best.

  23. Ivan says:

    Jeremy you will truly be missed. Don’t like change either, kind of in a state of shock, for lack of a better term. We have seen newscasters come & go but you always have been a constant. Wish you the best with future endeavors. Truly a sad day for FSR.

  24. mike s. says:

    really enjoyed your contributions to the show, jeremy……you will be missed

    best of luck!

  25. Tommy says:

    You are a class act JSL and will be missed. Thanks for all you have done over the years. Please do a blog or something so we can hear what you have to say now that you won’t be on air tho share it with us all.

  26. WileyJ says:

    Jeremy, Good luck to you, thank you for the work you’ve done on FSR, it will be missed.

  27. eponymous says:


    All the best in whatever endeavors you have planned. Was shocked to learn that last night was your last – glad I got to watch the finale.

    Would be nice if someday in the not-to-distant future the powers that be have you, Mitch, Carlos, Michelle, Bobby, and others get together for a reunion of sorts. At the very least, have the FSR crew keep us viewers up-to-date on your latest exploits.

    Again, all the best and good luck!!

  28. Mike says:

    I wasn’t aware you were leaving before watching the show last night. It surprised me to say the least. You made me smile and sometimes laugh quite a few times while always delivering the info.

    I wish you the best in whatever is next for you.

  29. LA says:


    You have been a real professional. Thanks for that. Your work speaks for itself.

  30. Dalia says:

    Jeremy- I really appreciated your fabulous sense of humor on FSR. I hope that you are not leaving the soccer world completely. Best wishes & cheers!

  31. Rossoneri Red Devil says:

    Good luck Jeremy! You played a huge part in creating a culture of fun, intelligent soccer commentary at FSR. I truly believe your work has contributed to the growth of this sport on this continent, and I hope you realize your sacrifices and hard work were greatly appreciated.

    Nice remembering some of those classic moments. It may be childish of me, but one of my favorite JSL moments (im 99% sure it was him) was a few months back when he used the term “glory hole” on FSR. During a highlight in which a forward nutmegged the keeper. Jeremy read, “…and, he glory holes him” Couldn’t believe he dropped that sexual innuendo on a broadcast.

  32. Shaun McArthur says:

    All the good hosts are leaving…robots next? At least Laura B is gone too…some consolation.

  33. Chris says:

    It has been great watching you everynight! good luck in our ventures! hopefully we can share a conversation one day!

  34. Rahul says:

    Good Luck!!

    gonna missa you.

  35. John Bladen says:

    Thanks for the memories, Jeremy.

    As someone said earlier, change is not always good! The viewers will miss you at least as much as you miss “us”.

  36. Napier says:

    Best of luck Jeremy. I always appreciated your sense of humour. One of my favourite FSR moment was with you and Carlos poking fun at Dunga’s shirt in some Brazil friendly. IIRC you guys had Mourinho and Wenger(?) in the audience pretending to call each other and comment on his shirt. Wish that was on youtube.

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