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Michelle Ackermann

Michelle Ackermann

Born in South Africa, soccer has always been a part of my life, and was pretty much ingrained in my genes. Journalism is my second love in life, and what better way to combine my two favorite things in life than to write about the one thing I am most passionate about. I follow the New York Red Bulls religiously, but have a deep passion for La Liga. This passion is part of the reason why I have moved to Barcelona to pursue my dream of becoming a sports broadcaster.


Barcelona Comfortable in Copa Del Rey Victory Over Osasuna.

Written by on January 5, 2012 | 7 Comments »
Posted in Barcelona, General, Osasuna

Despite all the rumors surrounding Guardiola’s renewal with the club, FC Barcelona had to focus on the task at hand; solidifying a spot in the final eight of the Kings Cup. Guardiola was faced with mixing up the starting eleven as Valdes, Messi and Iniesta had been ruled out for the match against Osasuna.

In their last match played on December 21st against L’Hospitalet; the first to be played following Villa’s injury, Guardiola’s attacking three consisted of Pedro, Fontas and Cuenca. This match, there would be only one change to the offense; Fabregas would replace Fontas- and as always, Guardiola had it right. Fabregas would be responsible for two of the goals, both coming within the first twenty minutes.

Despite being ruled out due to the flu, Messi would make his appearance in the 58th as Pedro came off. The striker, who was on the bench told Guardiola that he was feeling better and wanted to play, and as Guardiola stated; “We know that we are a little bit better with Messi”. The quote could be no closer to the truth as Messi would score two more goals; the first coming in the 73rd, while the second seemed just a cherry on top in the 91st leaving Osasuna speechless.

Although many had considered Villa’s injury one that could be detrimental to the club, it would appear that FCB has more than ample options on the bench to maintain domination despite the absence of the superstar striker.

Youngster, Isaac Cuenca has quickly become a favorite of Guardiola’s, and has made the transition to playing with the A-squad seem like a walk in the park. Surely, he does still show some weakness in his defense, but when Cuenca gets the ball, he is swift and tricky. With the absence of Villa, this season may show the true skills of this 20-year old. His style of play has already attracted attention from Arsenal and Chelsea; however Cuenca has made it very clear that he is ready to sign a contract with FCB and remain with the Champions.

Despite the comfortable win over Osasuna, Guardiola stated; “We’ve made a positive step forward in the playoff, but we still need to go to Pamplona.” Of course, Pep was referring to the 5-0 defeat over Betis, only to suffer on the return leg of that match.

If both FC Barcelona and Real Madrid go on to win the second leg of their respective matches next week, we will be in store for another “El Clasico”. Despite all the hype and excitement that surrounds a match between the Spanish powerhouses, one must be realistic; having these two meet as frequently as they have over the last few months takes away from the intensity and passion that goes along with such a rivalry.

Copa Del Rey Round of 16 continues this afternoon as Cordoba takes on Espanyol, and Valencia face Sevilla.

7 responses to “Barcelona Comfortable in Copa Del Rey Victory Over Osasuna.”

  1. Colossal Cole (Producer) says:

    “We know that we are a little bit better with Messi”. Si Senorita. Ackermann, indeed the truth would prove most unquestionably satisfactory! I’m dazed by the fact that “La pulga” (Leo Messi) had the flu & still managed to glisten the pitch one shy of a hatrick!


    Thank you for the news once more Miss Ackermann. I’d no idea Cuenca’s name had already surpassed him beyond liga clubs even before officially being deemed a first team cadet.

    Infotainment I always say miss…
    Great article once again right to the point & enjoyable…
    As a blaugrana fan I do hope we hang onto our rising la masia talents & lead them away from astray…

    Visca Barcelona! Visca catalunya!

  2. Soccerlogical says:

    Is this guy actually cyber flirting on a soccer blog? LOL

  3. EL MESSIAS says:

    Nice article and to the point. Messi has brought back heart and soul to the game, he will always want to play and give his best, whether against big or small teams, flu or no flu, he has brought back heroism and art to a sport that was losing it’s touch and passion.

    The Superclasicos will never lose intensity as we saw last year, they played 4 clasicos in a couple of weeks, it was more exciting than many US playoffs series in my opinion. I say, let them be more! Always nice to beat Real any day of the week!

  4. PV2 says:

    So, wait, the line about Barcelona having enough “arson” on the bench has miraculously changed to “ample options” with no mention of it being corrected.

    And my comment pointing out the embarrassing error has somehow disappeared?

    Amateur churnalism.

  5. @PV2- My apologies if you felt offended that your previous comment was deleted. I took your comment to heart and edited it, so thank you for pointing out the error.

  6. Ed Gomes says:

    What’s wrong with arson. Only that fire power might have been more appropriate.
    Please don’t tell me that it was changed due to some kind of political correctness. Are we offending arsonists or glorifying them?

    And yest I’ve seen the news in regards to the arsonist. Does that mean that I can’t say, I’m going to light the fireplace, either.
    Please tell me that I’m just reading into the last two posts wrongly.

  7. Ed Gomes says:

    As per Messi, it seems as his fans never feel that he’s getting enough recognition. As far as I can tell he’s lauded plenty.

    I believe one of the players from Osasuna said, if Messi was I’ll I was on my death bed.
    Messi played great. Is that news?

    As per Barca there’s still plenty of questions that need answering. When healthy and playing their best, nobody can touch them. But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t any issues. The back line is old and fragile. All the tinkering by Pep seems necessary, but feathers will be rankled.
    I actually feel that Villas injury will hurt them, due to them wanting to move him and his salary. They are now stuck with him and his salary while getting no return on him. His hefty salary could also impead reinforcements.

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