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Bobby McMahon

Bobby McMahon

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Kevin Payne’s Maverick Appointment Of Nelsen Unnecessary and Inexplicable

Written by on January 16, 2013 | 4 Comments »
Posted in Toronto FC

If there is one thing that almost all MLS fans would agree on, it is that Toronto FC is a train wreck of a club. Since entering the league in 2007 only once has the club got within sniffing distance of a play-off spot. From the start of its existence the team has been woefully short of competent leadership – someone who knew the game, who understood finances and probably more importantly possessed a finely-tuned bull-shit detector.

After working through seven coaches in six years it looked like Toronto FC had finally woken…to read more please click this link.

4 responses to “Kevin Payne’s Maverick Appointment Of Nelsen Unnecessary and Inexplicable”

  1. Rob says:

    Bobby- Do you know if Nelsen is going to be lacing up his boots as a player/manager?

    I just don’t get why a player who is still playing at the highest of levels, albeit at the foot of the table, would want to end his playing career just to get into management of a club that surely he would be able to get once he obtained his coaching badges.

  2. Rob – the word so far has been no. But don’t be surprised if after he gets a release from QPR that the need arises.
    You don’t get it and neither do I.

  3. John Bladen says:

    The remarkable thing about this is that it was Payne that made the selection. This is the type of knee jerk move that TFC would have made during it’s “rudderless” past, but the whole point of bringing in an actual football man in Payne was to bring some professionalism to a front office staffed with too many generic suits and ex players…

    It could be that Ryan Nelsen will become exactly the type of hard nosed manager “club med” has needed for some time. But clearly he isn’t that now, and isn’t going to be able to start implementing whatever policies he wants for months yet.

    Hiring a new guy that has a sound defensive background (which Nelsen does have… not a QPR fan but the general concensus is that he’s been one of their best defenders this year) is a good thing. But it isn’t like most of the coaches the club has had didn’t know the defense was very, very poor – often in skill, agility, positioning and keeping their collective heads in the game.

    The laissez-faire attitude of the midfield hasn’t helped the defense, of course, but it’s not like TFC’s defensive woes should be a revelation to anyone who has watched even one game this club has played.

    In the end, regardless of who they hired, it’s going to be a complete rebuild (at least the fifth in seven years) and thus no reasonable fan will be able to judge progress for 2-3 years minimum. The club had great support in its’ first few seasons, but there are many empty seats at every home game now. I wonder how many fans will be left by the time Nelsen has managed to put the squad he wants together?

  4. Ed Gomes says:

    Toronto should be as hot as Seattle in terms of fandom. Yet the folks in charge have done all they could to squash that.
    Does ownership make you take a stupid pill upon hire?

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