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Bobby McMahon

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MLS Final Standings – How Close Were Random Selections?

Written by on October 24, 2011 | 2 Comments »
Posted in MLS

At the start of the MLS season I suggested that the pre-season previews that attempted to forecast the order of finish in the two conferences was simply a waste of time and effort.

My position was and remains that MLS has such a turnover of players and an element of parity that forecasts are pointless.

Rather than join the “forecast and use the analysis to substantiate my predictions crowd” I opted for a random draw.

First the Eastern Conference teams followed by the West were placed in a hat and drawn out 1 through 9.

Here are the actual finishing positions for 2011 followed by what the random draw “predicted” in February.

Eastern Conference

1.    Sporting Kansas – #3

2.    Houston Dynamo – #5

3.    Philadelphia Union – #6

4.    Columbus Crew – #2

5.    New York Red Bulls – #1

6.    Chicago Fire – #9

7.    DC United – #4

8.    Toronto FC – #7

9.    New England Revolution – #8

Western Conference

1.    LA Galaxy – #3

2.    Seattle Sounders – #8

3.    Real Salt Lake – #1

4.    FC Dallas – #4

5.    Colorado Rapids – #7

6.    Portland Timbers – #9

7.    San Jose Earthquakes – #5

8. Chivas USA – #2

9. Vancouver Whitecaps – #6

No credit for the picks and no criticism – it is just how the teams came out of the hat. Have you find anyone who came close to getting the finishing orders correct?

Anyone with their pre-season picks and final positions?

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2 responses to “MLS Final Standings – How Close Were Random Selections?”

  1. Roberto Manita says:

    Hey Bobby,

    Why not replicate this process for the MLS playoffs and see how it comes out? Just for fun. The MLS playoffs are a bit of a crap shoot too. Probably even more so.

  2. Roberto – I picked Dallas and Columbus to win the wild card matches. The random draw picked the same two.

    I will track to see how I do against the random draw over the next few weeks.

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