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The New Galaxy Midfielder

Written by on March 9, 2012 | 14 Comments »
Posted in Los Angeles Galaxy

Heading into this past MLS off-season, 2011 champions LA Galaxy had a couple of roster changes that made us Galaxy fans a bit nervous. Like most fanatics change is the last thing you want to see after winning a championship.

The Beckham saga was on the top of the list for most but I was more concerned with the news of Juninho’s return to Brazil. Juninho was the glue that held the Supporter Shield winner’s midfield together.

The question was who was going to replace him? On December 6th, 2011 the LA Galaxy signed Marcelo Sarvas from Costa Rica’s L.D. Alajuelense. At 30 years old the Brazilian is thought to be an older like-for-like replacement for the 23-year-old Juninho.

Marcelo began his career in Brazil playing for SC Corinthians Paulista in 2003. He moved to Sweden’s 2nd division in 2004. At his second club in as many years he helped Kristianstads FF club gain promotion to Swedish Division 1 football and scored 10 goals along the way. Two more years and two more Swedish clubs later, Marcelo was transferred to Polish club Polonia Warszawa.

During his two-year stint in Poland he made 28 appearances scoring 2 goals in the league and 2 goals in the UEFA Europa League. In 2010 the Brazilian joined L.D. Alajuelense in Costa Rica. He helped the club win a Championship and he featured in the CONCACAF Champions League where LA Galaxy took notice as the two teams met twice.

Sarvas can play in the center of midfield as well as on the left and right. As it turns out Juninho was loaned back to the Galaxy after finding it hard to secure a permanent spot at Sao Paulo.

Now doubled up at the position, if Sarvas turns out to be a decent player, Galaxy fans can take comfort knowing there is strength and depth in the midfield. We really won’t know how good Sarvas is until we see him week in and week out but with Beckham back for two years, Donovan and Juninho returning from other clubs, and the improving Paolo Cardozo the Galaxy midfield seems to be solid.

On other good news, Robbie Keane is returning in great form and Edson Buddle’s return to LA is promising. The only bad news is Omar Gonzalez’s injury will keep him out for most of the season.

This puts pressure on A.J. De La Garza as he usually features with Omar. The Galaxy will miss Gonzalez’s height but will make up for it in AJ’s speed. As a galaxy fan I am feeling pretty good about the 2012 season. I am curious to know how others see it. Will Galaxy be stronger? Can they repeat?

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14 responses to “The New Galaxy Midfielder”

  1. Ed Gomes says:

    Why won’t the Galaxy/MLS buy Juninho?
    Exactly the young player that could flourish and bring money when sold.

    No Europa debacle article?

  2. It always needs at least three parties to agree – two clubs and a player – 5 if you include agent and significant other

  3. jimsakeeper says:

    The other benefit of a player like Sarvas is that Alajuelense plays on turf so he won’t have any trouble adapting to MLS games.

    Does anyone know offhand the percentage of turf fields in the MLS right now ?

  4. Ed Gomes says:

    I understand that Bobby, but I was trying to make a point.
    I think that we can all agree that players want to go to Europe. But there has to be more Juninho’s through out Central and South America.
    If you ask me the MLS could actually benefit from Brazils economic rise. Teams in Brazil have begun to prove that they are willing to pay in order to keep their players. It just might be that Brazilian clubs might prefer to send players to the MLS since it would be cheaper and easier to get them back. By sending I mean buys and loans.

  5. tim villarreal says:

    The new defender they used in the CL match was responsible for one goal… missing Omar might be a bigger problem than i thought

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  7. John Bladen says:

    Tim: Losing Gonzalez is huge… any idea how long he’s gone for?

    Jim: I believe there are only three turf fields left, New England, Seattle and Vancouver. Of those, only NE is making noises about a purpose built stadium (though they’ve been doing that more or less since Crew stadium was built in Columbus and appear no closer now than then).

    Seattle & Vancouver will be playing in their current facilities (both of which were designed with soccer in mind) for quite some time I would expect.

  8. John Bladen says:

    Ed: I bet managers dream of their being more Messis in Argentina too.

    There are lots of “good” players all over the world. The trouble is, there are lots of teams looking for good players as well. The average wage for players non-elite leagues everywhere would be a lot lower if this weren’t true…

  9. tim villarreal says:

    john: i think Omar is out for most of the season…possible to return for last few games but won’t be match fit…i am praying for an early recovery tho

  10. tim villarreal says:

    3 goals conceded in last 20 mins. wow….hope this is a blip

  11. Ed Gomes says:

    Someone was reading their press clippings.

    Maybe Becks was tired from the photo shoot for the H&M bag.

  12. tim villarreal says:

    terrible…Becks always does photo shoots and stuff…he is use to being busy before matches…i just listened on the radio so i am not sure how he played, besides the scoreline

  13. Soccerlogical says:

    I wouldn’t analyze any LA Galaxy matches while they are still in the CL as that is their number one priority….. kinda like Barca has been this season.

  14. tim villarreal says:

    @SL…i hope thats it…they also conceded 2 goals in the CL last week…

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