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Is Los Angeles Galaxy The Team To Beat?

Written by on June 25, 2011 | 7 Comments »
Posted in Los Angeles Galaxy, MLS

At 9-2-7, the LA Galaxy have only lost two matches this season.

They have a 4-0-4 undefeated home record and for the most part, the draws should have been wins.

Opposing late goals have been a problem this season but the Galaxy have been impressive even with key players missing.

They take a nine game unbeaten streak to San Jose this weekend and will still be missing Donovan and Beckham.  Midweek, LA have an Open Cup round vs. Los Angeles Blues and then end the week with a Western Conference battle against Seattle.

Last year the Galaxy got through the long World Cup stretch without key players and they seem to be doing it again this season.  The LA Galaxy lead the MLS with 34 points.

Eastern Conference leaders the New York Red Bulls only have 23 points and in the West, FC Dallas are 6 points behind the league leaders.

LA has the best goal differential and leads the league in most goals scored with 25.

I know it’s still early, but Galaxy fans are already looking toward a supporters shield repeat.

So I ask again, is LA the team to beat?

7 responses to “Is Los Angeles Galaxy The Team To Beat?”

  1. of course they are. LA oddswise will repeat winning the supporters shield, unless a serious drop of form happens though this makes sense as their coach did likewise with DC United.
    The bigger problem for LA and any supproters shield winner is how little respect the supporters shield gets from MLS. This has to change.

  2. Tim says:

    Central…agreed, their playoff form in recent years scares me too

  3. cienna says:

    i think they will win supporters but not Champs…they always choke in playoffs….didnt realize they have scored the most goals so far…nice….but who has been scoring for them…not JPA

  4. @TIm, I think it is the open secret of some MLS coaches, Backe as well in NY, look toward the supporters shield with more value.
    LEt’s be honest. When you look at who has won the supporters shield multiple times it is a small cadre of teams. DC with 4, Columbus and LA with 3 each, perhaps LA with a challenging 4 soon, unfortunately [DC fan speaking:)] and then you have a small bunch of singles, just like the premier league trophy.

    the MLS cup is given as the champion of the league but in truth, the supporters shield winner is the best team. And, most teams if they win it, tend to look at the mls cup as not worth it. Remember Columbus’s second SS victory in the back to back and their playoff run.

    And, I dont blame them. It is nice being considered the champion, but it is obvious that the MLS cup needs a change in how it is played or how it works. Imagine this scenario, Let’s say a club wins the USOC one year. Then next season wins the USOC and the SS and stays in the CCL. In the following season they could win the CCL, USOC, and SS and still not be considered champions for flaking out of the MLS cup.
    That has to change.

  5. tim says:

    all that has to happen is the media needs to start calling the SS winner, “the league champs”

  6. Dan says:

    The Suporters Shield is like the President’s Cup in hockey. Winning it should be regarded as the same. Go thru the playoffs and win, that’s how you become champs imo.

  7. Dan says:

    The Suporters Shield is like the President’s Cup in hockey. Winning it should be regarded as the same. Go thru the playoffs and win, that’s how you become champs imo.

    Yes LAG are the team to beat. scary that they don’t lose without LD and/or Becks. And no GK for an entire half didn’t seem to be an issue either.

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