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Bobby McMahon

Bobby McMahon

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Will Premier League First Impressions Be Lasting?

Written by on August 28, 2012 | 1 Comment »
Posted in English Premier League

Only a couple of games under the belt for most Barclay’s Premier League teams but here are some of my initial impressions.

Wigan – No matter what happens Roberto Martinez will keep faith with his team – it has paid off before and the team had dodged demotion and might do so again. An away win against likely relegation rival Southampton offers…..for more click on


One response to “Will Premier League First Impressions Be Lasting?”

  1. John Bladen says:

    Very difficult to predict anything based on a couple of games per club, but it does seem that Spurs (despite Adebayor’s presence) have lost far more than they’ve gained. The squad wasn’t famously deep before, but now… I’d bet the players sales will catch up with them, particularly given the type of skill that AVB’s system requires.

    LFC looks to be continuing the slide, unfortunately for their supporters. The question is, are they underperforming or is this all there is? If pressed, I’d bet on a midtable finish again… and further disharmony between Suarez and, well, practically everbody…

    Everton off to a good start… whatever next? Would be nice to see them climb up the standings a bit come year end, but looking at the squad it’s difficult to see them gaining much ground on the usual suspects.

    As for Arsenal, yes, Wenger had the last laugh in 11/12. But was that due to his shrewd moves or the unexpected failure of other (traditionally top 6) clubs? I haven’t joined the doom club, but I do think a repeat top 3 finish is unlikely.

    As for the Manchester clubs, well, I see nothing wrong with City’s chances of defending (the incumbents are always favoured, of course, but you’d have to say they look at least as good as last year), while Man U fans shouldn’t be searching for the razor blades just yet. We didn’t see their real defense last year thanks to Vidic’ injury. They are still thin (particularly for quality) in defense, but they should also be better overall than last year. Really thought Nani might open some eyes last year, but he never really seemed to shine did he?

    Newcastle/Chelsea? Well, I wouldn’t bet against either finishing in the top 3. Not a believer in the Magpies last year, but they got it done.

    In other news, Drogba/Anelka both rumoured to be available from Shanghai (something about a power struggle within ownership… imagine that!)

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