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Bobby McMahon

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Why The Premier League Spent Close To A Billion Dollars And Will Likely Spend More A Year From Now

Written by on September 4, 2013 | 1 Comment »
Posted in English Premier League

The money involved is eye-popping and it has spawned countless headlines already. Over the  three months twenty Barclay’s Premier League managed to burn through over $650M even after taking in over $300M in player sales.

Only one club, Everton, managed to turn a surplus on transfer dealings while Manchester City was once again the spendthrift with a transfer hole of over $140M.

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One response to “Why The Premier League Spent Close To A Billion Dollars And Will Likely Spend More A Year From Now”

  1. Ed Gomes says:

    Due to the guaranteed amount of money, it makes Man United’s bungling of the transfer window that more astounding. They basically got played by Thiago’s and Cesc’s people and had no backup plan. If it was Moyes plan all along to stretch the process in order to sign Fellani, it was stupid. They overpaid for a player that won’t be enough for European play. I’m sorry, Fellani might shine at Everton, but he’s not worth that kind of money, especially since he couldn’t have been bought for less.
    The perception it put forth, is not a very good one. We may mock players, but they took notice as did the agents.

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