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Bobby McMahon

Bobby McMahon

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Pubs, Bookies And Now The Premier League

Written by on June 14, 2012 | 5 Comments »
Posted in English Premier League

They used to say in Britain that if you want to own a recession-proof business you should buy a pub or become a bookmaker. It looks like you can add owning a Premier League team to that very short list.

Yesterday’s announcement that BSkyB and BT had purchased the domestic rights to broadcast 154 games per year for three years starting with the 2013/14 season was a….. to read more please click here.

5 responses to “Pubs, Bookies And Now The Premier League”

  1. Seattle_Loon says:

    Where is the bright person to suggest that a healthy chunk of that money be funneled into youth development. For all the money that clubs have received in the last two decades England look as likely to win a major tourney as I am to be mistaken for George Clooney.

    While somebody like Germany have spent massive amounts of money on youth development,coaching and facilities since their failure in the Euro’s in 2000 England football has been content for their league to receive the most lucrative TV revenues now of any sporting league in the world while doing nothing to improve the standard of home-grown players.

    It’s a shame that almost of all those money will be used to double the wages of ingrates like Carlos Tevez or Joey Barton while doing nothing to improve the prospects of the national team. And I say this as a Scot! England’s team is a disgrace for a country with a similar population as Germany, France and Spain.

    Nobody in England seems to be concerned with asking the hard question. Why have these countries improved or continued to perform at the highest level while the England look most comfortable doing a reasonable impression of Switzerland.

  2. Welcome WTF? – nice to have a new voice – although it seems like an old voice in many ways.
    What are the debt loopholes exactly? How does UEFA Financial Fair Play which covers participation in UEFA competitions relate to rights fees generated by the Premier League?
    If all clubs get an increase has anything changed relatively within the Premier League?

  3. Seattle_Loon says:


    Am I right in thinking that the only areas exempt from Financial Fair Play are youth development and stadium costs?

    Although EPL clubs will receive more money from TV rights clubs like Chelsea and Man City especially will still need to reduce the proportion of income they spend on transfer fees and especially wages? History suggest extra TV revenues get ‘pruned’ into extra wages.

    Think I am right on both.

    Roberto. Interesting to watch Germany vs Holland 2 days ago. A very Barca-like performance I thought. They got their two goal lead, took their foot off the gas comfortably and then easily shut up shop for the last 15 minutes after Holland scored. I watched the game with one very depressed friend who is a Dutch fan.

    Sure I speak for many neutrals when I state that the prospect of a Germany vs Spain final looks mouthwatering.

  4. SL – pretty much – there are a couple of other exceptions like contracts signed before a certain date. You are correct regarding compliance with UEFA Financial Fair Play with the other option (the City master plan) – to grow revenues by a factor that only they think is possible.
    One piece most people miss is that the Premier Leagues has no such compliance requirements. Only applies to entry into European club competitions under UEFA.

  5. It only helps if they move that money (or most of it) to the bottom line.
    My comment was in reference to your remark about Arsenal – could swear I recognize that sort of remark from someone else.
    And which clauses are these? I have not found a reference to leeway anywhere – there are progressive sanctions that conclude with banishment from UEFA competitions though.
    UEFA Financial Fair Play – voted for and approved by the clubs- does not address debt and was never intended to. It is aimed at annual losses which is not debt.
    “So a Man City or Chelsea can be a few hundred million in debt but as long as they offload a few aging or unwanted players each season or get new sponsor deals they can dismiss FFP.” – you haven’t read the regulations have you? If you did you need to read them again because it is obvious you are not understanding them.

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