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Bobby McMahon

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Premier League Weekend – Open Thread

Written by on February 4, 2012 | 4 Comments »
Posted in English Premier League

Arsenal vs Blackburn

The early game has Arsenal at home to Blackburn with both teams desperate for three points for different reasons. Arsenal are in danger of slipping behind in the race for 4th spot while Blackburn are relegation candidates.

Paul Robinson has been Arsenal’s favourite goalkeeper over the years. Robinson has allowed 53 goals against Arsenal while keeping goal for with Leeds, Spurs and Blackburn. In his 20 league starts against Arsenal Robinson has just 4 wins, 4 draws and 12 losses.

In half of the 20 games he has allowed 3 goals or more.

This season Blackburn are still without a clean sheet.

Manchester City vs Fulham

Manchester City have wobbled away from home lately but have maintained a 100% home record. There opponents on Sunday are Fulham and the Cottagers were the last team to leave Etihad Stadium with even a point.

Fulham have only one away win all season and have only scored seven goals in their 11 away games. But they do have a couple of small pieces of encouragement. Fulham are unbeaten in their last four visits to Manchester City and have drawn four of their last six away games.

Other Saturday matches are Norwich v Bolton, QPR v Wolverhampton, Stoke v Sunderland, West Brom v Swansea and Wigan v Everton.

Stoke versus Sunderland looks to be the pick of the bunch.

Sunday Games
Newcastle are home to Aston Villa in the early match with Chelsea versus Manchester United in the prime Sunday slot.

Chelsea v Manchester United
Chelsea are 12 points behind United and don’t have the look of a side that can close the gap on the top three.

Fernando Torres continues to be a non-striking striker and has not scored a Premier League goal since September 24 against Swansea. That is 17 games ago although he did miss some games on account of suspension. 

It is ten seasons since United won at Stamford Bridge in the Premier League although they have tasted victory in Champions League.

An interesting stat focusing on the respective performances of the teams in the last ten minutes of Premier League games this season – Chelsea are a net -1; Manchester United are a net +7.

Serie A

Milan are at home to Napoli and Roma host Inter. With rescheduling on account of weather conditions I have lost track of days and times!

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4 responses to “Premier League Weekend – Open Thread”

  1. Roberto Senyera says:


    Both the Serie A matches you have listed kick-off @ 09:00 EST on Sunday. In fact, all but one Serie A match on Sunday start at that time due to the frigid temperatures.

    No clean sheet for Robinson today either. RvP put paid to that notion in short order.

  2. Ed Gomes says:

    It’s incredible to me that AVB still has a job. It clearly shows the powers at be realize that the core is old and slipping. What I am sure of is that nobody expected this bad of performance from Torres. Has a player fallen as far as this guy?
    Then again Abram doesn’t want to eat te 13 mil he paid Porto for AVB. Could that amount affect FFP? Only kidding, I think.

    Man United have their own issues, but should come away with something.
    I found interesting reading of SAF current battle and complaint ov er a pundit that was critical of Man Uniteds run of form in the last two years. I believe that the broadcaster is a Liverpool fan, hence the criticism. Why would SAF even bother with such clown. Last time I checked Man United won the league last year.

  3. Soccerlogical says:

    I am certainly no fan of Warren “Wanker” Barton. But what exactly is FOX’s logic behind having a discredited former News of the World Editor, Piers Morgan doing the CHE vs Manyoo pregame as opposed to a former English player like Warren Barton (FSC regular)?

    Should we expect to see Larry King doing NFL pregame instead of Terry Bradshaw?

  4. Ed Gomes says:

    Apparently Abram was at practice on Saturday and went down to the dressing room to speak to the players after the Man United match. On Saturday he watched training for a half our and then supposedly discussed tactics with AVB for another half hour. Yesterday he met with players and manager after the game.
    Oh, oh. I might have spoken to soon.
    I do think that AVB is a good manager, but I’m not so sure he’s the guy you want rebuilding your squad. It can’t be easy with so many aging egos.
    Lastly, I was shocked that Abram went back to Portugal for a manger again. This might just be it.

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