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Bobby McMahon

Bobby McMahon

You can see me on Soccer Central most Mondays and Thursdays on Rogers Sportsnet in Canada. I write a regular column for Forbes.com and Soccerly.com and frequently guest on various podcasts and radio shows.


Premier League Prediction From The Column That Has Never Picked Arsenal To Finish Outside The Top Four

Written by on August 16, 2014 | 6 Comments »
Posted in English Premier League

Over the last five days there has been profiles on each of the twenty Premier League teams and now this is where the rubber hits the road. Here is my best guess at how the teams will finish the new season. To read more please click on the link.


6 responses to “Premier League Prediction From The Column That Has Never Picked Arsenal To Finish Outside The Top Four”

  1. Astronomer says:

    Last year you had selected Chelsea to win the league. I also felt the same, but Chelsea finished the season rather poorly (3 losses and a draw to bottom half teams) and that cost them the title.

    This year you have again selected Chelsea as the probable winner and again I agree with you; let’s see whether Mourinho lets us down again or not.

    When we talk about transfers, we normally focus on who is coming in. But sometimes who is going out is, strangely, equally important.

    I think that’s particularly true for Chelsea this year: I am specifically talking about the exit of Frank Lampard. Last year, I watched many of Chelsea’s games and I was convinced that Lampard’s (frequent) presence in one of the two holding/defensive midfield slots (in Mourinho’s preferred 4-2-3-1 formation) cost Chelsea quite a few points unnecessarily (in the games that he appeared).

    If I had to play Lampard, I would field him occasionally (as a substitute only) as one of the three attacking midfield players, rather than as one of the two defensive midfield players (where he was/is a liability for the entire defense).

    Mourinho, in his end-of-the-season report to the board, recommended extending Lampard’s contract for one more year. But, Roman Abramovich was more sensible in his assessment and said adios to Lampard.

    In other words, Mourinho will not be able to select Lampard this season and that might mean the difference between winning and not winning the title for Chelsea. I admit that I am exaggerating (the current) Lampard’s destructive influence on Chelsea’s chances somewhat, but you get the drift.

    Of course, the addition of Costa, Fabregas, and Felipe (and maybe even Drogba) will also definitely augment Chelsea’s title ambitions.

    My top four:
    1. Chelsea
    2. Arsenal
    3. Manchester City
    4. Manchester United/Liverpool/Tottenham (any one of them — too close to call)

    Talking about relegation candidates, I think Steve Bruce will manage Hull City well enough to survive the drop.

  2. smiley says:

    I think people are predicting Arsenal to finish 2nd more because they believe Pelligrini will be heavily focused on CL than Arsenal actually having stronger quality and depth than Manciteh. But I think Pelligrini will want to prove that he has the tactical nous to challenge till the last day for BPL title and go deep in CL. Which will show that Pelligrini didn’t just win the title last year by walking into the strongest side in the league, it being Jose’s first year and Wenger’s yearly lack of addressing needs.

    * Keep in mind that should Giroud (who is neither a game changer or big game player) get cold or injured, the only recognizeable CFs on the bench are Campbell ( who played in Greece last season) and Sanogo (whose first touch and movement is poor).

    Having said that:

    1 Che
    2 Manciteh
    3 Ars
    4 Take your pic from Liv, Manyoo, Tot, Eve

    * And Newcastle to entertain and finish top 8 (hopefully without Pardew at the helm).

  3. John Bladen says:

    Had to wait until the window closes to know where to begin… though there could be major injuries/manager changes just around the corner… such is the way of the PL these days.

    Chelsea have certainly improved, but I don’t see the rationale in handing them the title just yet. City are still champions and Mourinho will have to do more than park the bus to dethrone them. I appreciate your faith in Arsenal, Bobby, but even as a supporter I don’t share it… they still have a shocking ability to play down to the level of their opponent (so let’s hope they don’t draw Histon first in the FA cup…)

    1. Man City 89
    2. Chelsea 86
    3. Arsenal 77
    4. Liverpool 73
    5. Everton 72 (so close!)
    6. Man Utd 66
    = Spurs 66

    and at the bottom

    18. Palace 33
    19. WBA 30
    20. Burnley 25

    Spurs have looked pretty bad thus far I’ll admit… and United’s start will have the meatheads among their supporters bringing out the “wrong one” banner again soon. But unless the Glazers sack him first, Van Gaal will eventually put a decent team together. He’s already moved out several players who needed to go two years back.

    Utd supporters have to accept the fact that – in part due to the debt placed on the club and in part due to the rising tide of staggeringly wealthy ownership in the PL – they can no longer buy their way to the top. No-one should feel sorry for them given the advantages their club has had in the past.

  4. smiley says:

    So after showing their highest marketing/sales/sponsor revenues, quadrupling club value and spending over 200M in transfer fees this year, “Manyoo cannot buy their way to the top in part due to the debt placed on the club”.

    I guess ignorance is bliss.

  5. John Bladen says:

    You should know on the ignorance front.

    You apparently don’t understand the difference between gross and net… this does not surprise me in the slightest, nor would it surprise anyone else who reads your poorly thought out claptrap.

  6. smiley says:

    Didn’t know there was a gross/net in spending over 200M a year in transfers, keep on ignorantly parroting what you read on twitter.

    Obviously the “debt placed on the club” prohibited getting world class talent like Falcao, Di Maria, etc…

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