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Bobby McMahon

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David Moyes Diary – Recap And Report Card As The New Boss Gets Set To Hit 100 Days In Charge Of Manchester United

Written by on October 6, 2013 | 10 Comments »
Posted in Manchester United

The announcement of David Moyes as the handpicked successor to Sir Alex Ferguson at Manchester United was made on May 9 of this year. The former Everton manager was given a six year contract and the poisoned chalice of following a legend who had been in charge at Old Trafford for 27 years and had led the club to more silverware than the most successful…to read more please click on the link.

10 responses to “David Moyes Diary – Recap And Report Card As The New Boss Gets Set To Hit 100 Days In Charge Of Manchester United”

  1. Ed Gomes says:

    Bobby I would agree with the 4 you gave, but only due to the transfer season disaster not completely falling on Moyes shoulders.
    I actually have to disagree with the assessment that Moyes hasn’t put his stamp on this squad. As mentioned, this is Fergies squad, yet they look lackadaisical, passive and reluctant. I still don’t get the Felani purchase, who will prove to be, a desperate late on sub. The amount paid for him was also silky, especially since he could have been had for less earlier.
    I know that SAF didn’t integrate Kawaga either, but that doesn’t excuse Moyes from not. He did have great promise, but we haven’t even seem anything. Is he that bad on the training ground?
    You know this squad is desperate when Moyes says Nani earned his start. Nani, who should provide some purpose going forward, but frustrate fans and teammates more often than not.
    How did Moyes not see Rio was passed it?
    These are different times, and should he not get a string of results, it could be a short tenure.

    Should Everton continue winning and show quality, how much more pressure does that add to Moyes?
    Granted being a Man United manager is hard enough.

  2. Smiley says:

    Moyes’ only obligation by seasons end is a top 4 finish. And even if he doesn’t achieve that and fans start calling for his head next season, the Glazers will still give Groundskeeper Willie another 6 months outta respect for Fergie’s decision.

  3. John Bladen says:

    I don’t believe that the board will pull the trigger on Moyes early/quickly. But that said, I’m sure even he was thinking as Sunderland went 1-0 up “I wonder what the shortest tenure for a United Manager is”?

    It is going to take time for the players (some of whom have never played for anyone else in their professional lives) and organization to adapt to Moyes’ (and his team of assistants brought over from Everton) way of doing things.

    It’s also fair to say that – despite another PL title – Ferguson picked a good time to gracefully retire. There have been plenty of warning signs about this squad over the last few years… They no longer have the financial advantage they once had over some of their rivals and the debts the Glazers placed on the club will hamper their ability to compete with other elite clubs for talent.

    Moyes’ league start has not been a good one. But I doubt his leash will be shortened at all. As noted in the article, Ferguson’s start was not a grand one either. In fact, he was “tipped” to be dismissed several times over his first few seasons.

  4. Smiley says:

    Citing Fergie’s slow start at United any time there is a Moyes article has been beaten to death by millions but no one thinks it “fair to say” Manyoo were at the onset of a downward spiral (financially and player performance) upon Fergie’s “timely’ retirement. Summer bids for the likes of Cesc, Hererra and even Bale and Ozil?

    There is more than enough quality there to be a top European side with one or two signings maximum… the money and prestige is there. Groundskeeper Willie not being “sexy” enough a manager to attract world class players is a different matter.

  5. Ed Gomes says:

    Smiley, I actually agree. Man United had/has the finances to put in significant bids for world class talent. Their moves for Cesc and others showed that.
    Whether Moyes has the kind of appeal for those players to adhere too, is a different story.
    I may agree the the organization needs to adapt to Moyes and his staff and style. But coming in after such an iconic figure, you would think that Moyes would be the one adapting to Man United. He could and should have been able to do that, if he is/was a great manager.
    Players having to adapt to a brand new manager is also not that relevant in this case. Moyes actually has guys that should be trying to earn a spot.
    Let’s just say that him and his Everton crew, including Fellani, doesn’t instill much confidence.

    On a side note, I just saw that Rooney refused to sign a new deal. They need to find out of Kagawa can slide into that role ASAP. Maybe he can’t, but that means trying swindle someone outside of the BPL (Paris SG) for Rooney and finding another quality guy.

  6. smiley says:

    Ed, I agree 100%. Some people just seem to post what they read on twitter feeds or to have themselves heard…

  7. John Bladen says:

    You, for example, Smiley/SL.

    Ed: MU’s bids for Fabregas were rejected… so no, that isn’t evidence they can “get the job done”. They are still a very rich club, but they don’t occupy the place they once did. Other PL clubs have become fabulously wealthy just as United’s impressive annual turnover became encumbered by debt service.

    They can still spend certainly. They can no longer outspend everyone else in England as they once did.

    Am I to understand from your comment that you don’t believe players need to adapt to a new manager or playing style? If that is the case, I disagree strongly.

  8. smiley says:

    Manure and Chelski have dominated the major trophy hunt this century (not to mention Manyoo’s recent league domination)… so I have no idea what nonsense is being spewed.

    And I guess the Cesc bid confirmations by both camps were a farce to keep us entertained in the summer.

  9. Ed Gomes says:

    JB, there’s always going to be a transitional period. Players obviously have to adjust to the new manager. But managers also have to adjust to players, especially when taking over a club that’s won.
    Man United looks lethargic, and worst of all seems unsure out on the field. That is a problem that the manager hasn’t corrected.

    Let me ask you, did Cesc stay because of Barca, money or both. I would say Barca stepped up on its promises to him. But to think that SAF’s departure didn’t have a huge impact, is crazy.
    Did you see what Man United paid for Fellani? They basically bought another Anderson, but this is taller. Better with his head, but not as good with his feet. Sadly, just as lethargic.

    We all know money is a huge incentive for players. But when you now have several clubs able to pony up the same, management and perception goes a long way. Man United may have history at its side, but a huge chunk of it went out the door when SAF left. It was always going to be difficult to replace SAF, but Moyes looks overmatched.

  10. John Bladen says:

    Good question, Ed.

    I would speculate that Fabregas stayed put because of the club more than anything (really, practically anywhere you go from Barca will be a step down – even if only slightly). I don’t believe he was ever seriously considering moving, but only he and his agent(s) know for sure.

    Yep. A lot of money for Fellaini… but whether it’s a Suarez, Torres or Carroll we are looking at, you can’t judge them entirely by the first few weeks in my book (alright, maybe with Carroll you can…).

    If you were Moyes, who would you have purchased instead?

    I’ll be very interested to see what Man Utd looks like in the spring. Will all the new pieces come together? Or will the first team continue to look out of sorts? Will there be a fan revolt???

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