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Bobby McMahon

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Tevez Lifted Dazed And Confused Manchester City But …

Written by on December 9, 2012 | 6 Comments »
Posted in Manchester City, Manchester United

It is one of the contradictions of soccer that although a game consists of thousands of touches and even more individual decisions we often remember the one mistake or one moment of brilliance that decides the game.

Recent Manchester derbies have had more than their share of the drama that comes from such decisive moments.

Manchester United fans remember Michael Owen’s winner in 2009 and Wayne Rooney’s spectacular finish in 2011. City fans can look to Yaya Toure’s winning goal against their rivals in the FA Cup semi-final 18 months ago and the header from… read more please click on the link.

6 responses to “Tevez Lifted Dazed And Confused Manchester City But …”

  1. John Bladen says:

    “…Gareth Barry was playing. Barry is a player that polarizes opinion amongst supporters – some consider him a hulking ineffective presence while others don’t think he is as good as that….”

    Oh I love that…. never understood the bidding war for him a few years ago, frankly. I’d go one further on the “quality opposition” front and say he can’t play against truly top notch opposition.

    So what was the verdict on Tevez-Raphael? Was there contact? I only saw one angle of it and I couldn’t tell one way or the other.

  2. everwonthetreble says:

    John Bladen:
    “So what was the verdict on Tevez-Raphael? Was there contact? I only saw one angle of it and I couldn’t tell one way or the other.”

    That would be United getting a favorable call. If there wasn’t any contact you would have heard about it that same day.

  3. John Bladen says:

    If there was contact, why would you say it was a favourable call?

  4. John Bladen says:

    PEP: If that comment is directed to me, the original “favourable” comment suggested that there was contact and that the call was favourable, so the circumstances are very different than you hypothesize.

  5. Ray Lee says:

    Actually, the real almost game-changing moment was when Young’s goal was incorrectly disallowed. At 3-0, this game would have been truly done and dusted. I find it very scary how many offside decisions are incorrect, and a fair percentage of these involve scoring opportunities. Not sure what can be done about it (can’t stop for a video replay, and in any case, if play is stopped the bad call can’t be put right), but it is very worrisome.

  6. Ed Gomes says:

    For me, Mancini has been trying/waiting to get fired for a while now. He’s been a bit more than just blasé in most of his comments. You can say he’s been daring the owners to fire him due to formations/tactics/player selections.
    City has a collection of great talents that could and should be able to work very well together. Yet Tevez sits? Once he was allowed to or was forced to stay, use him.
    Balotelli will never get it. He’ll always do something great or unexpected is more like it at this point. The problem is that it will never be often enough. On top of that he’ll actually cost you matches. Yet there he is.
    You can’t tell me Mancini is being forced to play him.
    Mancini can get fired and collect and take over a Monaco. Swindle another pay day from rich owners for a while.

    We all lambast players egos and attitudes. I get it. But it’s startling how many managers are just as pompous. Mourning is an ass but his players love him, when/if they win. Plenty have done nothing yet look for projects worthy of them. And owners fall for it. If Hughes gets a job in the Premiership shame on them.

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