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Bobby McMahon

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Luis Suárez – The Chomp Heard Around The World

Written by on April 24, 2013 | 2 Comments »
Posted in Liverpool

If Manchester United beats Aston Villa on Monday night at Old Trafford it will be their 20th top flight championship and it will be secured with four games still remaining in the season.  Given normal circumstances, the game tomorrow night would be the center of attention and then move quickly to the two Champions League semi-finals on Tuesday (Barcelona vs. Bayern Munich) and Wednesday (Borussia Dortmund vs. Real Madrid).

Up until Sunday, the weekend’s Premier League action had been pretty routine. Sunderland had… to read more please click on the link.

2 responses to “Luis Suárez – The Chomp Heard Around The World”

  1. John Bladen says:

    Well, the penalty is out and it is as you expected Bobby.

    Given their unconditional support of Suarez in the past, I think it difficult to accept any Liverpool claim that they are ‘making a stand’ with this player.

    In truth, it seemed unlikely from the beginning that a player with Suarez’ history (despite obvious skill) of behavioural issues would acclimatise to the EPL easily (possibly at all). It’s no surprise that he hasn’t done so and has made himself a divisive figure in the dressing room. His teammates will publicly offer support for him, as have his managers (sometimes without cause, frankly). Behind closed doors, one suspects it is a different matter entirely. His antics put teammates in an untenable position… they must defend him, but in many cases cannot possibly find the actions acceptable.

    LFC should move him this summer. Even in a moderate ‘distress’ sale, they should get $30-40m for him (I suspect his value has fallen everywhere but South America due to his behaviour, and I don’t see a S.A club coughing up anything like what LFC paid to get him). What they cannot do, as you stated, is claim this is a moral stand. He needs to go not because he has disgraced a proud club, but because despite obvious ability his teammates can no longer stand with him.

    Of course, they could always keep Suarez, sign Barton and a few others and give up on the pretense of pride in footballing… but I doubt that’s the way they’ll go…

  2. Seattle_Loon says:

    Before I get slated here let me state I think Suarez is at fault as are Liverpool. How they could employ a leading sports psychologist and not use him to help your best player with his anger-management issues is beyond me. What Suarez did was bizarre and potentially dangerous.

    Also, for the record we now know that the FA treated Suarez’s violation against Ivanovic in isolation and didn’t take his previous indiscretions into account.

    The bigger issue is the most popular and lucrative sporting league in the world with revenues that run into the billions is still run by a hopelessly outdated organisation who consistently make up important decisions as they go. It’s like Basil Fawlty now running Hilton Hotels worldwide.

    In what other field would a business be happy to see their prime asset laying dormant on this basis of rules and penalties that are inconsistently applied? Or indeed watch an asset get put out of commission by a competitor only for that party to go completely unpenalised.

    The response of even Alex Ferguson today shows that other leading managers know it is only a matter of time before they are on the receiving end of the FA’s spectacular capriciousness.

    What would have been the outcome if Ivanovic was actually injured? Emergency legislation to re-introduce the gallows? The FA and many journalists and pundits have just scored cheap points at the expense of a cartoon villian but what will be the ultimate outcome?

    My guess is that it is only a matter of time before the FA have to reform their disciplinary rules.

    And what might the catalyst be? The next time somebody goes off on a stretcher from a dangerous tackle the team that suffers will legitimately assert that if a bite that doesn’t break the skin is worth ten games then the perpetrator of a far more serious injury must be looking at a 12 + game ban.

    At some point the unjustifiable must cease to exist and the silver-lining of the last week is that it is probably coming sooner rather than later.

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