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Bobby McMahon

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Crystal Ball As Much Good As A Glass Eye in Predicting Barclay’s Premier League

Written by on May 24, 2012 | 4 Comments »
Posted in English Premier League

So the dust has settled on the 2011/12 Barclay’s Premier League season and it is now “own-up” time. It is a chance to cast back to August 2011 when everything seemed so clear and logical.

The Guardian is one of the few publications that recount their predictions from nine months ago and they ran the article at the beginning of last week.

In the interests of full-disclosure it is up to Soccer Report Extra to do the same. So journey back and if hit the link “comments” and then scan down to the aforementioned comments you will find my picks from just before opening day together with others from regular readers.

Tucked away in the comments Gorn alludes to a possible Champions League win Chelsea. Give that man a coconut!

I was within seconds of getting 1 through 3 correct. Not many had Chelsea finishing as low as 4th and as it turned out I was overly optimistic.

Liverpool underperformed for me while Spurs did make the top 4 against my prediction of #6.

Misses for me (3 or more places);

  • Aston Villa (McLeish got a decent start but could not make a decent season)
  • Sunderland and Stoke (but both only two points out of predicted position)
  • Fulham (nice season once they got moving)
  • Bolton (season got off to a terrific start at Loftus Road but that was it)
  • Wolves (disaster)
  • Norwich (in a relatively tight band of teams 10 to 15 separated by four points)
  • Newcastle (never saw it coming – tremendous season)
  • Wigan (the great survivors)
  • Swansea (showed how it can be done)

 Premier League – 1-20 Bobby (Finishing position + pts)

  1. Manchester United (2-89)
  2. Manchester City (1-89)
  3. Arsenal (3-70)
  4. Chelsea (6-64)
  5. Liverpool (8-52)
  6. Tottenham (4-69)
  7. Aston Villa (16-38)
  8. West Brom (10-47)
  9. Everton (7-56)
  10. Sunderland (13-45)
  11. Stoke (14-45)
  12. Fulham (9-52)
  13. Bolton (18-36)
  14. Wolverhampton (20-25)
  15. Norwich (12-47)
  16. QPR (17-37)
  17. Newcastle (5-65)
  18. Wigan (15-43)
  19. Blackburn (19-31)
  20. Swansea (11-47)


  • West Ham – correct but through play-off
  • Leicester – never in the hunt
  • Cardiff – play-ff exit again

Top Scorer Premier League

  • Darren Bent – injured but he would not have caught Robin van Persie

Golden Gloves

  • Joe Hart – correct

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4 responses to “Crystal Ball As Much Good As A Glass Eye in Predicting Barclay’s Premier League”

  1. Erik says:

    EVERYONE here but Gus (15th) had Swansea pegged for DEAD LAST – something they never really had to worry about – and most others had them finishing no “higher” than 19th.

    This is why Brendan Rogers SHOULD have been MOY. Gus and about 3 other people had Swansea staying up and the fact they finished mid table (Tied for 10th to be exact) and were never a serious threat to be relegated tells me Rogers was the ONLY choice for MOY – not Alan Pardew. The latter was a GOOD choice – Rogers was the BEST (and only REAL) choice for the honor.

  2. Russell Berrisford says:

    I see that I wrote that “A surprise relegation candidate could be Bolton”.

    Unfortunately I got pretty much everything else wrong!

  3. Rob says:

    Here’s a link to my predictions:

    Predictions are fun. And its even more fun to see how wrong you are.

  4. Rob says:

    Bobby-Any chance you will be in Jacksonville for Saturday’s game?

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