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Bobby McMahon

Bobby McMahon

You can see me on Soccer Central most Mondays and Thursdays on Rogers Sportsnet in Canada. I write a regular column for Forbes.com and Soccerly.com and frequently guest on various podcasts and radio shows.


A Dozen Takeaways From Sunday’s Premier League Games

Written by on October 6, 2014 | 1 Comment »
Posted in Arsenal, Chelsea, Everton, Manchester United, Tottenham Hotspur

There are unbeaten records and unbeaten records. Chelsea’s record going into the game against Arsenal was five wins and a draw; Arsenal’s was two wins and four draws. The conventional wisdom over the first two months of the new season is that… to read more please click on the link.

One response to “A Dozen Takeaways From Sunday’s Premier League Games”

  1. smiley says:

    “Arsenal seems to be at a crossroads once again. Good enough to be most Premier League teams but not good enough to beat the best Premier League teams.”


    Unfortunately, Wengerites are blind to this trend which has lasted a decade for the fourth richest club with 2 billionaire owners, selling off its top players and highest gate/food prices. As soon as Arsenal defeat another average side like Hull in their next fixture, Wenger wil have distracted his puppets yet again… like a parent dangling keys over a wailing baby.

    1) Kocielny is good for a calamity in 25% of “big matches”.

    2) What’s the point of having a slow, “experienced”, Big F-in German if Per and Kocielny can’t hold off Costa on a long ball over the top.

    3) For all the hype on Wellbeck, one would think he would have shown at least a spark of a dribble, pass or shot whereas all we saw was a two footed lunge on Cesc from the so called next Thierry Henry.

    4) Why buy Ozil when the likes of Cazorla and Oxe impressed yet penny pinch on a proper DMC and world class CF… wasting Ozil on the wing????

    * Granted there should have been a handball call on Cesc as the rule states “unnatural position” which to me is a foot lunge with raised hands. Now whether the raised arm that blocked Wilshere’s shot was outside the box, on the line or inside the box is another story.

    You’ve been a great audience, don’t forget to try the fish!

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