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Bobby McMahon

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Guardiola’s Move To Bayern Munich Will be Defined by One Thing

Written by on January 21, 2013 | 3 Comments »
Posted in Bayern Mnchen

Well over a century ago W.S. Gilbert noted that “a policeman’s life is not a happy one.” Perhaps, if he was around today the lyricist might have changed that to a soccer manager.

Buffeted by the media on a daily basis as they look to inflame controversy where often little or none exists; critiqued by fans whose emotions are hard-wired to the last result; often undermined by their employers who look to deflect any responsibility for the overall health of their club to an easier target.

Nonetheless, there is never a shortage of candidates willing to step forward to face (or perhaps eventually cower) under the… to read more please click on the link.

3 responses to “Guardiola’s Move To Bayern Munich Will be Defined by One Thing”

  1. John Bladen says:

    I was certainly surprised by his choice of destination, but perhaps we shouldn’t be. As you say, the Bundesliga has been closing the gap (real and perceived) to other top leagues in recent years.

    He has a very sound club at Munich and no doubt has received guarantees that funding will be available to improve it even more.

    I don’t necessary understand why he felt he should leave FCB (and I know it’s never “one reason”), but there are plenty of worse landing spots he could have picked. I just am surprised he’s come back so soon…

  2. Al Harris says:

    I wasn’t as surprised as so many seem to be that he didn’t go to England. It was always the opinion of the English press that he would go to Chelsea, and I couldn’t believe that anybody with Pep’s background with Barca would want to go to work for an egomaniac no matter what the money. And so far as money is concerned, Bayern has plenty and as you pointed out, it is run by soccer people, not financial tyros. On a side note, your absence from Fox Soccer News has been a worry to me. Have you just been taking some holiday time (hopefully), or are we now going to have to look forward to Danny Dichio in your seat. Shudder! Finally, any information for us about where Eoin finally ended up? As always, thanks for giving us the best commentary out there on the beautiful game.

  3. Astronomer says:

    The cynic in me suspects that there may very well be another reason for Guardiola’s eschewing the EPL: the Mourinho factor.

    I think his La Liga rivalry with Mourinho (and Mourinho’s continuous very personal mind games against him) got under Guardiola’s skin. In recent weeks, owing to Real Madrid’s performance woes, it has become increasingly likely that Mourinho would leave Real Madrid and end up in the EPL (Mourinho, even in recent weeks, has re-affirmed his love for England’s soccer culture).

    I would not be surprised if secretly Guardiola did not relish another few years of rivalry with Mourinho — this time in England. So that may have convinced Guardiola to ply his trade somewhere else.

    And, outside the EPL, in terms of financial riches, only Bayern and PSG were favorable options for someone like Guardiola who wants to defend his legacy (in recent years, the traditional Italian giants having fallen behind their European rivals in the financial arena). Of those two, Guardiola decided to choose Bayern (Bundesliga being better than Ligue 1 and, obviously, Bayern’s tradition and history).

    Anyway, I just think that that the Mourinho-in-the-EPL factor may have ultimately pushed Guardiola away from England (at least for now).

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