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European Championship


Why You Can Expect Even More Soccer On North American TV Starting This Fall

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With the World Cup Finals in Brazil set to kick off in just over 100 days, the last sixteen of the Champions League already underway and the domestic leagues in Europe entering the final stretch there is lots to occupy soccer fans no matter how fanatical.

But for some European countries that will not be traveling to Brazil this summer, the big story this weekend was the qualifying draw for the 2016 European Championships to be hosted by France. To read more please click on the link.

European Championship A Lightning Rod For Platini’s Critics – But Are They Right?

Written by on November 20, 2012 | 1 Comment »
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Last summer’s European Championship hosted by Ukraine and Poland is estimated to have generated over $1.5B in sponsorship and broadcasting revenue for the UEFA, the governing body for soccer in Europe.

The tournament’s success is a relatively recent phenomenon. The first edition did not take place until 1960. Only when the field was reduced to four was the venue for the semi-finals and final decided. The tournament grew incrementally and it took until England hosted in 1996 for the Euro field to reach 16 countries.

Many regard the European Championship as superior to the World Cup Finals claiming that the limit of sixteen finalists makes it more competitive – especially at the group stage – than the 32-team global championship.

So, when the decision was made a few years ago to expand the number of finalists to…to read more please click on link.

The Daily Forbes

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I don’t know if I will be able to keep it up but my goal is to post a daily update on You can find the articles by following the links.

Coverage and games so far in latest-first order:

 A finally TV ratings in North America and in Europe.

ESPN up but TSN the big winner. Proves my point again that Canada supports the game in much larger per capita numbers than the US.


The final word on Germany, Portugal, Italy and Spain at Euro 2012.

Who met expectations and who did not.


Italy Proves To Be A Red-Rag To A Spanish Bull

Spain 4-0 Italy


Spain vs. Italy Pre-Final Blog

Seven thoughts before the final match of Euro 2012


For Coaches National Service Can Be Brief And Humiliating

Van Marwijk gone, Blanc possible – 24 hours later Blanc gone as well


Mario, Mario Can You Show Us Your Goals

Italy 2-1 Germany

Was Paulo Bento Really Wrong In Leaving Ronaldo Till Last?

Spain 0-0 Portugal

Spain wins penalty kick decider 4-2


Heroes or Villains – They Can All Be Beach Boys Now

Part 2 – Republic of Ireland, Croatia, England, Sweden, France and Ukraine


Euro 2012 – Where Did It All Go Wrong?

Six trams that packed their bags and are gone – but who met expectations and who crashed? Plus were “surprise” players close to the mark? Poland, Czech Republic, Greece, Russia, Denmark and the Netherlands.


Penalty Kick Decider Consigns England To The Hurt Locker….Again

England 0-0 Italy

Italy wins penalty kick decider 4-2


A Very Xabi Performance From Spain And Curtains For France

Spain 2-0 France

Joachim Löw’s Decision Not Arrogant And Why His Critics Were So Wrong

Greece 2-4 Germany

Ronaldo Stoops To Conquer And Breaks Czech Stalemate

Czech Republic 0-1 Portugal


Euro 2012 TV Audiences Up And Why It Will Only Get Better

North American Broadcasters see triple digit growth


Oh Dear, Spoke Too Soon – Goal Line Controversy Alert At Euro 2012

England 1-0 Ukraine; France 0-2 Sweden


UEFA Holds Its Collective Breath But Officials Get Italy Goal Call Right

Italy 2-0 Republic of Ireland; Croatia 0-1 Spain


Netherlands Fail To Launch In Group Of Death But Ronaldo Achieves Lift Off

Germany 2-1 Denmark; Portugal 2-1 Netherlands


Walcott’s Turn Nips Swedes

England 3-2 Sweden


Dutch Oranje Goes Pear-Shaped At Euro 2012

Netherlands 1-2 Germany


Poland and Russia Both Make A Point + A Hackneyed Phrase

Poland 1-1 Russia (seem to be picking the draws)


 England’s 1-1 Draw With France the Height Of Their Ambition

France 1-1 England


Spain Draws 1-1 With Italy – Philistines Read At Your Peril

Spain 1-1 Italy


Dehli Serves Up Tasty Win For Denmark

Netherlands 0-1 Denmark


Poland Offers Bailout but Greeks Miss The Target …Again

Poland 1-1 Greece

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