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January Madness – It’s Back and It’s Great

Written by on January 11, 2011 | 4 Comments »
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January, it can be exhilarating or maddening for soccer fans. You decide. For me with the New Year upon us, I have a few things on my mind and the number will surely increase as January gets zanier.

Is it just me or should teams realize what a limited impact a mid season buy can make?

Unless the player is coming in from the same domestic league, forget about it. The period of adjustment is usually about six months. If you buy players right now you’ll most likely play them off the bench (or risk injury due to lack of fitness in having to adjust to a new league). More likely these players will be fully integrated by time their summer workouts begin. So if you need an immediate impact, forget about it.

Why did (or do) Spurs want to sign Beckham?

Why even draw this type of attention to your team right now? You are on a roll. I know the LA Galaxy and AEG have obtained their goals and don’t need him anymore, but Spurs don’t need a middle aged midfielder still recovering from injury and his posse to distract what is happening at White Hart Lane. They need to lock in their players like Modric, make sure they don’t leave and get a better a defence.

Why is Mourinho even interested in Amauri from Juventus?

Nowadays I believe it is just agents focusing on their own best interests and constantly getting their players associated with certain teams in the media. Coming off injury is just what you want in your new striker, right?

Yes, Madrid are thin up front. But Amauri has not done anything since he left Palermo. Madrid should be banned from buying any players and make them work with what they got anyways.  A better deal would be Diego Milito who probably would jump ship from Inter (who would not right now).  Dumping Klaas-Jan Huntelaar may not have been the best decision.

Why is Barcelona letting Argentine striker Pastore hover until the summer?

Could it be because Palermo brass are good at holding unto players until the right money comes in? Probably and it actually works out for both parties right now. With the depth of Barcelona, he needs to play every game. Palermo offers him that, Barcelona does not. Next year when Zlatan is officially off the books, is the time to bring the kid in and have a team Argentina party.

And when is the big money coming for Marek Hamsik from Napoli?

He won’t go cheap but some big team should try to grab him before his stock really rises in the summer.

Will Mario Balotelli finally shut up and just play football?

Anytime you need advice from Nigel de Jong to mellow you out, you know you got problems. You’re homesick but you are rich, please stop whining and just play. Your form has been good lately so just focus on that and stop giving interviews and play ball.

What was the best piece of business already completed?

Milan grabbing Antonio Cassano on the cheap and pairing him up with Pirlo, Seedorf and crew (could be wonderful to watch) or was Barcelona snapping up the Dutch play maker Ibrahim Afellay for €3m…both deals are smart, very smart.

Why not go crazy Arsenal and get your old midfielder Alexander Hleb?

He has mentioned wanting to play for you again and with your midfield, you could use someone that is direct. You can have all the ball control you want, but without a player with this mindset, your team will not truly challenge this year as the season lingers on.

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First Eleven – Hopes and Wishes For 2011

Written by on January 2, 2011 | 3 Comments »
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New Leadership for FIFA.

I need more from the governing body of the beautiful game. Not just a money grabbing organization determined to kill players in 110-degree heat at the sake of “expanding” the game into new markets. FIFA needs to get back to making swift, precise decisions based on the integrity of the game, not just making more money.

Less matches throughout the year.

This would make them more significant and give players a true recuperation period during the summer months. This will insure healthier players actually wanting to play for their national sides again and managers will be more relaxed to release them so they can play for their countries.

Players, please stop diving and complaining after every play.

Please spare us the six-minute histrionics worthy of some Shakespearian play for somebody stepping on your shoelaces or messing up your hair scrunches when going for a header in the 6-yard box.

Man up, play and stop complaining on every little whisper you hear you that makes you float ala a Ronaldo pirouette unto the ground like some petulant child.

A championship for Wenger.

Wenger deserves it for what he his teams have brought to the EPL in regards to style and grace on the football pitch. Thank you for changing everything!

Your teams show us what a nice, fluid, ball control game is all about. The constant long ball has seemed to fade more and more over the last 10 making it less British and more appealing to watch.

A haircut for Ronaldinho.

I also want him to run for more then one or two plays during a game.  I also think he should give up his contract wages to feed the hungry. When was the last time he played hard for 90 minutes?

People admitting for one once and for all how over rated Sven Goran Eriksson is.

And please do not offer him another job after his current one. His disciples(see Robert Mancini, Sinisa Mihajilovic) as well are over rated. They are assistant managers at best. I could have coached that Lazio team to success that built Sven’s myth about what a great coach he is. It needs to end.

A permanent move for Landon Donovan to the EPL.

The guy is simply too talented to be wasted for a short season on a semi-professional team like the LA Galaxy.

Players donating their wages for one week

Imagine the impact if players from all the top clubs in Europe did this to help the fight against illiteracy, HIV, hunger and other significant causes. Players have the ability to touch so many people. Rather then do a photo op, help those in need. to edit the games on replay.

Please, just splice the two half’s together. Since you are not selling ads during that 15-minute intermission, do I really need to see the same girls in the stands, guys waving flags or the benchwarmers running and stretching for 15 minutes? Just play the half’s back to back and save me the aggravation of watching this nonsense.

Rafa Benitez to have his own reality show.

As a follow up to the implosion at Inter. I want it unfiltered and live!

A defense for Tottenham.

If they get one, they might actually pull off the coup and upend the EPL.

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